Notable Schemes by Arjun Munda as CM of Jharkhand

Arjun MundaNotable Schemes by Arjun Munda as CM of Jharkhand
  • Bicycle Yojna for SC/ST Girls: A trailblazing brainchild of Mr. Munda’s brilliant and innovative mind was to launch a scheme to provide bicycles to SC/ST girl students. He knows about challenges and pitfalls of the life in Jharkhand’s countryside better than anyone else. He was aware of the problem of low enrollment and high dropout rates of girl students in village schools, particularly from socio-economically disadvantaged families. Unavailability of separate toilets was no doubt an important reason why girls dropped out. But a surprising factor turned out to be the distance girls had to cover to reach their schools accompanied by the issue of safety while passing through sparsely populated areas. Mr. Munda recognized the power of an ordinary bicycle to solve their problems which gave them mobility as well as safety. School enrollments surged and even the dropout rates registered a steady decline with time.
  • Kanyadan Yojna: Mr. Arjun Munda was probably the first political leader to launch “Kanyadan Yojna” in 2004 to provide financial assistance of Rs. 15,000 for solemnizing marriage of girls belonging to SC/ST and underprivileged families. The thinking behind the scheme was two fold: a) Eradicating the menace of child marriage and b) Providing relief to financially vulnerable parents from the burden of marriage debt and saving them from falling into the trap of vulturous moneylenders. The usefulness and efficacy of the schemes has been recognized across the political spectrum and got vindicated by the recent announcement of JMM-Congress led alliance currently ruling Jharkhand to increase the assistance amount from current Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000.
  • Ladli Laxmi Yojna: Mukhya Mantri Ladli Laxmi Yojna is a genius of brilliance and foresight. Although it appears simply as financial aid to BPL families on the birth of girl child it has its eyes fixated on correcting the sex-ratio gap through promotion of institutional delivery of children and promoting education and empowerment of women by conditional disbursement of funds to the girl child during her school years, marriage, and when she attains the age of 21. To prepare young women for employment and to make them self-dependent the scheme sagaciously promotes the girl child welfare throughout her childhood and adolescence and comes to her assistance with big chunks of money when she successfully completes schooling, starts a job or business and also when she is ready to tie the knot to start a family life.
  • Dal-Bhaat Yojna: This humanitarian scheme to provide hygienic and nutritious food to BPL families and the urban poor provides wholesome meal of rice, lentils and vegetables at the incredible price of Rs. 5 at railways stations, bus shelters, and other public places.