Born in the middle-class home of Late Ganesh and Mrs. Saira Munda, Mr. Arjun Munda inherited the rich family and social values of his modest religious-minded family, the timeless custodian of cultural heritage and traditions in Indian society. But growing up what he saw in the outside world was so starkly different from what he had learned at home that he got intrigued and curious. Endowed with a razor-sharp intellect and incisively perceptive mind Mr. Munda soon came face-to-face with the dark underbelly of Indian society and quickly grasped the cruel dynamics of its social algorithm. Learning to his anguish and pain the mechanics and workings of the hierarchy of caste and class he felt angry with the discrimination and deprivation that the flawed system heaped on the socially and economically disadvantaged lot.  What he found more disturbing and horrific was that discrimination and indignities doled out to tribal communities were much more blatant and outrageous across the board irrespective of the class and caste of the perpetrators. Both men and women from tribal communities were being routinely subjected to pervasive social prejudices, bureaucratic corruption, and brazen exploitation almost everywhere ranging from employment to delivery of public service and welfare schemes among others. This sad realization left an indelible scar on Mr. Munda’s young and impressionable mind and led to his firm resolve of working for the cause of socio-economic upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden including the indigenous tribal communities. While still a student he got attracted to the Jharkhand Movement led by JMM, which was fighting for the creation of a separate state for tribals by carving out the southern regions from the erstwhile Bihar State. He joined the movement and his sincere efforts to create public awareness about the issue and champion the cause of the deprived masses and the tribal communities soon got noticed. His rise in the ranks was meteoric and he quickly emerged as one of the strongest voices of the movement and got elected to Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1995 on JMM ticket. He never looked back and won successive elections to the Jharkhand State Assembly and the Indian Parliament and shouldered responsibilities as a minister, chief minister, and leader of the opposition in Jharkhand and also as one of the National General Secretaries of his party, BJP.

However, in spite of his many laurels, accolades, and achievements Mr. Munda remains a totally unassuming, unpretentious, self-effacing, and an incredibly grounded person to this day. His demeanor is amazingly warm and disarming. Always polite and respectful to everyone including his colleagues and associates his simplicity is infectious. Bereft of all hubris and arrogance he never assumes any airs about his hallowed past and his high standing in national politics. Respected as a Zen master at crafting political strategy he is known for his fresh and innovative ideas and is a source of inspiration to his peers and followers.

A supremely caring son, a loving husband, a doting father, and an indulgent brother to his siblings, Mr. Munda is a quintessential family man. Always solicitous of the well-being of his kith and kin he manages to find time out of his packed schedules and political commitments to attend to various needs and emergencies of his family and the large network of friends and admirers.

Although he has earned the epithet of being a messiah of growth and development, a “Vikas Purush” and is equally focused on all major sectors of the economy for growth and development, Health and Education are the twin priorities that are closest to his heart. He has embraced them with a total commitment to make Jharkhand a reference point for high standards of education as well as excellent healthcare and wellness program. He also vigorously promotes the cause of education and health in his constituency and beyond through his umpteen philanthropic initiatives. He has plans to undertake an ambitious program to eradicate Sickle-Cell Anaemia (SCA), a genetic blood disorder highly prevalent amongst tribal communities, from India, altogether starting with Jharkhand.

Fiercely patriotic Mr. Munda nourishes and nurtures the dream of a developed and prosperous India that guarantees all its citizens freedom and equality in all walks of life; an India that stands proud on its high ethical values, tenacity of its character, and integrity of its composite social fiber; an India that is healthy and educated and pursues an inclusive and environment-friendly development agenda; an India that is a beautiful ballet of tradition and modernity ensuring the continuity of our rich cultural traditions and heritage and preserving the timeless wisdom of our saints and founding fathers and at the same time develops trailblazing technological systems and tools to propel India and its knowledge-based economy to the forefront in the comity of nations. Mr. Munda has made a lifelong commitment to working for that elusive dream of making India a knowledge and technology powerhouse and has taken a vow with a steely determination to make Jharkhand an indispensable part of the fairy tale.




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